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California Mugwort Hydrosol Artisan Wildcrafted Herbal Spray (Artemisia douglasiana)

California Mugwort Hydrosol Artisan Wildcrafted Herbal Spray (Artemisia douglasiana)

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California Mugwort (Artmemisia douglasiana) is a silvery green strongly aromatic woolly herb in the Sunflower family. It is similar to the European variety of Mugwort (Artemisa vulgaris.) Mugwort's healing capabilities are referred to in an ancient incatation for protection:

Have in mind, Mugwort, What you made known, What you laid down at the great denouncing. Una your name is, oldest of herbs, of might against thirty, Of might against three, Of might against venom and the onflying, Of might against the vile, She who fares through the land.

Mugwort is used to regulate and bring on menses in women, as an antiparasitic, to detoxify the liver, to cleanse the blood, to improve digestion, to improve circulation, and as a compress for muscle spasm and pain being especially useful for overexertion. Mugwort's woolly fibers are made into moxa that is burned above areas of pain and "stagnation" as a stimulation therapy in Chinese Medicine. The Native Americans practiced a similar techiniuque using California Mugwort and used the plant to treat muscle and joint aches, poison oak rash, abdominal and menstrual cramping and pain,, diarrhea, fever, and headache. It has been used as an aid for lucid dreaming, meditation, and working with the spirit world. Dream pillows are traditionally made with mugwort fiber by rubbing the dried leaves between the hands until theres only fiber left used to fill the pillow for lucid dreaming.  The spray can be used instead on any pillow at night or directly on the skin. It is advised to test a small area of skin first with the spray to check for allergy.   


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