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California Sagebrush Hydrosol Wildcrafted Herbal Spray (Artemisia californica)

California Sagebrush Hydrosol Wildcrafted Herbal Spray (Artemisia californica)

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Santa Barbara California Sagebrush (Artemisia californica) hydrosol (herbal solution) in a beautiful 4 oz cobalt blue spray bottle.  Artemisia californica is known as the “Herb of the virgin goddess.”  This feathery soft silver leaved sagebrush of the Sunflower family is known for its clean refreshing scent.  It has been historically used as a powerful remedy for colds, parasites, roundworms, pinworms, sore eyes, and stomachache.  It is used as a bitter tonic and as a vermifuge for fleas and insects.  Native Americans used Artemisia californica for ridding of worms, menstrual cramps, colds, coughs, and tuberculosis.  The Spanish settlers used Sagebrush tea for bronchial problems and as a wash for wounds, sores, swellings, sore muscles, rheumatism, and bruises. Artemisia californica is used as a flower essence to cleanse and purify oneself & to release dysfunctional aspects. Hydrosol contains hydrophilic plant constituents in addition to micro droplets of hydrophobic essential oil dispersed throughout the distillate solution. Because it contains more than just the essential oil its a very different scent with a sharper greener more acrid smell than the sweeter smelling undiluted pure essential oil but also includes a broader range of medicinal plant components.

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