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Refugio Gardens Botanicals

Santa Barbara Goldenbush Lotion

Santa Barbara Goldenbush Lotion

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Goldenbush’s sweet wonderful scent permeates the air in late fall as the bright yellow flowers are the latest of the local flora in bloom.*  We discovered and captured this amazing aroma in a unique and rare essential oil. A scent reminiscent of orange & jasmine which helps with depression, fatigue, and melancholy.  Simply inhaling this oil can uplift one’s mood, aid in meditation, and boost one’s energy.
     Mandarin and Bergamot promote emotional stability and can  help with mood swings, especially anger, guilt, and irritability. They are used in cases of stress, stress induced insomnia, indigestion and bloating. Mandarin promotes optimism and joy and a is a relaxant. Bergamot encourages insight, and alertness.  Roman Chamomile is used when experiencing stress related disorders including oversensitivity, irritability,  depression, frustration, anger and  anxiety. It calms the mind and promotes relaxation and mental stability. Mugwort has been used as an aid for lucid dreaming, meditation, and working with the spirit world.   It can alleviate disturbed sleep or dreams and overthinking. It’s used for clearing the mind, cleansing the body, and purifying the spirit and in topical oil blends rubbed on aching areas of the body.

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