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Santa Barbara Goldenbush Wildcrafted Artisan Pure and Genuine Essential Oil (Hazardia squarrosa)

Santa Barbara Goldenbush Wildcrafted Artisan Pure and Genuine Essential Oil (Hazardia squarrosa)

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This is undiluted 100% pure and genuine Santa Barbara Goldenbush (Hazardia squarrosa) was an previously undiscovered essential oil plant that Dr. Hazard determined contained essential oils by mistake. Longing for a bouquet in September, and of course there are few wildflowers at that time  except Goldenbush, Goldenrod and California fuschia, she picked a bouquet of Goldenbush and noticed a euphoric heavenly scent on her hands and in the air.  She distilled an experimental batch of the plant and low and behold - Divine Essential Oil! She completed a Master's Thesis on its properties along with other native essential oils and has used it ever since for lotions, room diffusers and more!

Goldenbush’s sweet uplifting scent permeates the air in late fall as the bright green-yellow flowers are the latest of the local flora to bloom. We have discovered and captured this amazing aroma in a unique and rare essential oil. The delightful uplifting note of pear cider and watermelon bubblegum tends to come on stronger as it diffuses through the air. Diffuse this scent reminiscent of gardenia, jasmine, apple pear, watermelon and clove for depression, malaise, and melancholy. Simply inhaling this oil can uplift one’s mood, aid in meditation, and boost one’s energy.

We’ve steam distilled this essential oil in small batches at low temperatures from wildcrafted plants on the Refugio Gardens Ranch in the foothills of Santa Barbara. These are pure and genuine sustainably wildcrafted artisan essential oils.  

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