Collection: Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated volatile organic plant components extracted from a single botanical source and create the fragrance flavor of that plant. They are lighter than water and hydrophobic thus float much like fixed oils.  They are not like other oils though in that they evaporate due to their ethereal nature. They  are called essential because they make up the essence of the plant.  In the concentrated form of essential oil they are powerful effective botanicals that are most often diffused into the air. In this form they are breathed in using diffusers, inhalers, or room sprays and  pass directly into the bloodstream as medicinal components thru the nasal membranes and respiratory system. Also thru the olfactory membranes essential oils send messages directly to the limbic system and cerebral cortex often invoking emotional states of well being like calm, peace and joy and even affect concentration and memory. For those with difficulty digesting and absorbing harsh herbal formulas olfactory essential oils therapy is a welcome alternative.  Essential oils can also be applied to the body at trigger points, pulse points and pressure points.  For example anointing the "Shen Men" point on the ear with Bergamot is very tranquilizing.  And lastly essential oils are a wonderful additive to body care products such as body and face sprays, lotions, and carrier oils for perfume.